(P.S I drafted this on 23rd Nov ‘20 but didn’t get to post it due to a personal commitment then. I finally got around to checking Medium today, and I am posting this as it was to keep it authentic to my 29-year-old self)

I am turning 30 in exactly a week.

My 20s were filled with exhilarating moments (as I am sure yours did too). I made mistakes, missed opportunities, lost faith in myself and society. Yet somewhere along the way, I did discover a better me.

Now, I am no soothsayer but I strongly think sometimes it’s best…

Make that Seven!

I studied design in school and dabbled with everything from creating textiles to furniture to lighting to fashion accessories. It was in 2012, for my capstone project in school I decided to apprentice for a handbag designer. A renowned designer whose work inspires me even today.

When you are in school, you presume you are going to hop on the bandwagon and find yourself a job. But life has ways of surprising us. As much as I enjoyed my work designing products for my mentor during the internship, I was drawn to the creative independence she had…

Has your mind ever been blown away by the amount of information that is out there? Mine surely has. For years, I had the habit of browsing through a variety of articles and content pieces, diving into discussions, trying to absorb and learn as much as possible — driven by this constant need to stay informed.

In an effort to stay informed, I would consume content I didn't have a natural inclination towards or that weren’t my areas of expertise. …

Ask the internet on advice on how to become a better designer, and you will be flooded with design books to read, podcasts to hear, industry leaders, to follow. Ask a fellow designer on how to be better, and they would never emphasize specifically on gaining such knowledge. Why is that?

As all designers understand, there is no fixed path because nobody has it all figured out. Our experiences shape us, and the practice of our craft with time improves us. But have you ever wondered how that works?

Art by Gaspart

Becoming a better designer means having greater exposure to the world…

Adulting hit us hard. Students who are taught everything in the world but nothing about the realities of maintaining a decent livelihood are launched into a world of adulthood armed with educational degrees with close to bare minimal understanding of how to sustain themselves.

Today, as digital products become a mandate, many mobile applications and websites exist offering features to ease the consumer’s journey through this boring yet vital habit of tracking their expenses, however, not everyone has jumped onto that wagon yet. Why?

We at Designerrs Lab wanted to design an app to address this problem and help users…

Prachi Garg

Product Designer. An experimentalist at heart, fascinated by human behavior and an advocate of healthy living. https://www.gargprachi.com

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