Expense Managing & Tracking App-UX Case Study- X Man

User Research

Our journey began with our users. To understand and identify their behavioral patterns and profiles- i.e their needs, pain points, motivations — we spent a few hours drafting a questionnaire consisting of open-ended and direct questions. Knowing that all users aren’t the same- we conducted interviews face to face and telephonically with approximately 15 men and women residing in the top metro cities in India and between the age group of 21to 35 years, all earning professionals.

Excerpt from one of the questionnaires — User Interviews

Competitive Analysis

We studied existing expense manager apps (MoneyView, Walnut, Monefy) The observations made were-

  • Elements were disorganized. Difficult navigation across the app.
  • The app was not intuitive. Tedious manual tracking & discrepancies.
  • Too many stats and graphs. Boring UI

Affinity Analysis

We noted down excerpts from the collected data onto sticky notes. But how to make sense of it? We started discussing each note which leads us to rearrange and label them. An exercise that seemed chaotic initially soon proved to be quite insightful and vital. By regrouping the sticky notes, we noticed that patterns had emerged in turn reflecting our various users’ motivations, behaviors, and pain points.

Data collection, sorting and regrouping — Affinity Mapping

People ignore design that ignores people.”

“ Frank Chimero, author of “The Shape of Design”

Some insights from Affinity Mapping

User’s comments

“Buying stuff my parents won’t let me buy.”

“I check my account randomly if I feel that I have spent a lot.”

“I don’t want to have multiple apps or wallets where I can’t understand where I am spending.”

“Child’s education, medical emergencies.”

User Personas

Based on the results of affinity mapping, we found three distinct groups of people that shared similar pain points, motivations, and goals. The group of users who have such common traits can be represented through a fictitious character, otherwise called a Persona. The three primary User Personas for our expense and tracking manager app were-

User Personas

Bridging the gap between pain points to ideas

Based on the cumulative analysis of all of the above, the team listed down all the major pain points and created ‘how might we’ (HMW) questions that would help us kickstart the ideation phase.

Task Flows

The next step was to create task flows — solutions to the user’s pain points were drafted into the form of task flows that defined the process of how a particular problem at hand will be solved. The task flows were to assist in providing an underlying framework for our design decisions later.

Tracking Expenses — Task Flow. To view the remaining task flows, check the link at the end of this article.

Site Maps

A site map defines the hierarchy and prioritization of the content on the interface by dividing it into levels such as the home screen and the screens within that. Site maps can also be termed as ‘Information Architecture.’


A wireframe is the visual skeleton of the app- like a blueprint of a building. A monochromatic graphic representation of the contents of the app to provide greater emphasis on the structure than the visual elements of the app to prevent you from overlooking any vital details without getting distracted by the visual aesthetics. We discussed as a group and after multiple iterations, we decided on this-

Mid fidelity wireframes

Visual Design

We designed a mood board and set the vibe of what we want the users to perceive our app to be — Fun | Engaging | Empowering

Moodboard | Colors | Typography

High Fidelity Mockups

Home Screen | Transactions Screen | Navigation Drawer ^
Budget Screens ^
Goals Screen
Goals Screen



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